Why employ Results Rule?

Posted by admin on November 13, 2013

Why employ me?

Many people ask me "why should I have a personal trainer?" they then follow on to ask "why should my trainer be you?" This blog is about what qualities you should look for when employing a personal trainer and what I have to offer.

10 key points

1- accountability we all need that one person that keeps of goals alive, records our progress and motivates us on days where we are low. If you have a trainer your expected to be at your training sessions EVERYTIME, your expected to follow your goals and eat healthy foods. It's like having that little person in your mind telling you what's good all the time.

2 - type of training. Every trainer will have a different style. Mine is simple. Lift heavy, lift often and eat clean. My training programmes are fresh, innovative and fun. Incorporating a mixture of heavy lifting sets, super sets, drop sets, hitt training and cardio. Depending on the clients goal, depends on the programme.

3 - focus. Your trainer will have your plan sorted. They will impress you with there organisation and their commitment to your goals making you want to achieve even more! I set a plan out for all my clients including there nutrition, training, sleep, lifestyle and family. It's important to look at the whole picture not just one snippet.

4 - credibility. Choose someone that has done the work and got qualified. The fitness industry is full of "cow boys" giving out un qualified advice. Make sure your trainer is REPS registered and is actively involved in the industry.

5 - if you don't like them the first time you meet them, they're not your perfect trainer match. Make sure you look up to your trainer, you need to be inspired by them and there approach. I am very approachable and love all my clients dearly. However I have previously trained a lady that I didn't get along with at all, I referred her onto another trainer as it was un fair for me to continue training someone that really didn't want to be there.

6 - results. If your not getting them Change! Simple as that. "If you do the same things you have always done, you will get the same things you have always had" to get a change you need to make a change. Make sure your trainer is tracking your progress, keeping option of everything and ensuring the results are happening. I test my clients every 6-8weeks. I use photos, body fat testing, girth measurements and weight. I give my clients a "monitoring your success" card after each weigh in we their previous results so they can see the differences.

7 - honesty. You need a trainer that will be honest. Tell you the hard facts and discipline your bad habits. Due to my outrageously open and honest personality this comes naturally to me. (In the nicest possible way) keep it fresh, keep it honest and remember your only cheating yourself!

8 - Referral. Does your trainer refer you to the right place and have the best contacts. As a trainer we know the whole picture, we understand your needs and are in the best possible position to referrer you to the right places. I work with a chiropractor, nutritionist, physiotherapist, misuse and other trainers. I also use my doctor regularly to ask questions and gain knowledge about the effects of different medication. As a person I don't know all the answers but I know where to find the answers. Working together to create the best outcome for the client.

9 - care. We all have feelings. Does your trainer care about your feelings? I make a conscience effort to keep informed with my clients lives and care. You as a client mean the world to your trainer and they should be showing you that you do matter. Your the shareholders of their business make sure your trainer cares about you and your life because that will impact your results.

10 - if it's not FUN is it worth it? If you don't leave your session feeling amazing then you have no reason to go back. I always have a good laugh with my lovely clients. I'm not perfect but I love seeing my clients achieve. I do as much as I can to ensure that results are happening and my clients are satisfied with their service. Come and have a chat with me.

See what you think and if I'm not the perfect fit that's ok I might be able to help you find the perfect trainer for your needs.