Results Rule studio goes 24/7

Posted by admin on June 29, 2015

Results Rule now has a 24/7 membership option. This allows clients to access the gym at anytime of any day using a swipe card.

24/7 members will be set up with an personalized programme and given an in house induction as part of their joining fee. Programmes are inclusive of the weekly fee and are updated every 6-8 weeks by a Results Rule staff member.

24/7 members will be restricted from using the gym during group fitness times due to space and disturbance of the class.

During Personal Training times any client may use the studio with priority of equipment given to the trainer with their client.

The studio wont always be supervised however your programme will be written in a way that will help you understand what exercises you should be doing. Photos and posters on the wall also give reminders of exercises and their names helping clients throughout their workout.

There is NO contracts with the 24/7 membership.

This new membership option allows clients flexibility with their training at an affordable price.


Joining Fee $50.00

Weekly Membership $25.00 incl GST

Contact Jess for more information